Andrea Herrera

Activity: virtual meetings with artists from Anticipations: Predictions, Illusions and Dystopias
//: Jorge Bernal (AR) and Jocelyn Rodríguez (CL)

September 14, 21, 28 + Octuber 5, 19 + November 11 //2020
13:00 PM (GMT-3)
18:00 PM (CEST)

As Virus TDS we set out to infiltrate and infect the page of the Colectiva Internacionalista, and from there we invited two artists, Jorge Bernal (AR) and Joselyn Droguet (CL), to collaborate in this objective, as they were exhibitors in the first virtual exhibition Anticipations: Predictions, Illusions and Dystopias of the Collective.

Our methodology was based on exploring together organically, through virtual discussions, the relationships from our artistic practices linked to the first and second curatorial proposal of Reparaciones Circulares or The Long Game of Patience of the Colectiva, where the second is called Zona Liminal: Geopolitics and Contexts.

Considering our practice of infecting and mutating into contagion, we went through different concepts with Jorge and Jocelyn that allowed us to approach the background of Reparaciones Circulares or The Long Game of Patience. From there, conversations arose about the relationship between humans and non-humans, interrelating it to ancestral rites, domestic practices and plastic and corporal explorations with the landscape or everyday objects.

Through the above, we seek to generate axes of mediation between the analog and digital, the physical and virtual environments, accompanied by discussions on natural cycles, discussing the notion of light and darkness, and what are the halftones; visibility and invisibility, the appearance. Our reflections have been complemented by a permanent practice of experimental image creation (photographs, sounds, videos and texts).

From the processes developed, each one made a record of the meetings through notebooks and certain allusive images. And we have dedicated this brief space to make this process visible, which in itself is a minor practice, but no less interesting. Our Long Game of Patience.

(AH)Andrea Herrera Poblete_37.2458° S, 73.3167° W_Arauco_Chile-
(JB)Jorge Bernal_38.5545° S, 58.7396° W_Necochea, Argentina-
(CO)Carolina Opazo_46.2941° N, 7.5335° E_Sierre, Switzerland-
(JC)Jose Cáceres_47.3769° N, 8.5417° E_Zürich, Switzerland-
(JR)Jocelyn Rodríguez Droguett_33.3913º S, 71° 41′ 34″ W_ElQuisco_Chile-

*Haraway, Manifiesto Ciborg
*Estevez_El zoomismo
*Velvick_Making new futures
*Indigeneous Action_Rethinking the apocalypse
*Preciado_Aprendiendo del virus
*Latour y Franke_Angels without Wings
*Borck_Animism and science
*Rolnik_esferas de la insurreccion
*Morton_pensamiento ecologico
*Entrevista a Germaine Cousin (Valais - Suiza) Sub. Inglés // Germain Cousin interview eng. sub. PlanteSorcières Art Project -